Quantitative Electromyography and Time Series Analysis (QEMG)
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Demonstration Videos

To provide some idea how data collection using this system works, we have made up some demonstration videos.

  1. Demonstration of data acquisition and transfer (1.7Mb – 1024×768 bit resolution – approximately 1 minute)This demonstration shows how one can easily use the Sierra Wave EMG buffer acquisition program to gather data for analysis in DQEMG. At the beginning of this demonstration, we have started both the Sierra Wave acquisition program, as well as the “Bridge” program. The Bridge program is the small window at the top-right of the screen, in which the “OK?” and time information is displayed.Note that all acquisition may be controlled solely through the foot pedal, allowing hands to be free to manage needle and patient.
  2. DQEMG Decomposition Overview (1.1Mb – 1024×768 bit resolution – approximately 1.5 minutes)This demonstration gives an overview of the types of data that are available after decomposition is performed.
  3. Sierra <=> DQEMG Bridge Initialization & Settings (1.8Mb – 1280×800 bit resolution – approximately 2 minutes)This is provided to show the steps to start the bridge, as well as the settings used in data acquisition.